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Global Village Grand Vision strives to develop and produce low cost and high efficiency heating facilities by using alternative energy sources like biomass in response to rising oil prices.

As oil prices increase, more businesses are investing a greater share of their resources into energy. Some factories, farms, accommodations like hotels, Jjimjilbangs (dry saunas), and saunas that consume a great deal of fuel were forced to go out of their business.

To answer these resource problems, we have been devoted to researching, developing, and advancing our technologies to help you strengthen your competitiveness and increase profits by reducing costs.

Our pellet boilers, coal fired boilers, and air heaters have been recognized for their superior performance, and we have recently completed the development of our pellet steam boiler.

To protect the earth, we use our proprietary green technologies to supply environmentally friendly bio solid fuels, including palm kernel shells and wood pellets, to businesses. Furthermore, all of us at Global Village Grand Vision will continue to provide the best follow-up service and research and develop our new products so that we can further earn your trust.

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